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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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alert forecast if you're on the go, 101.1 more fm. >> today show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight -- senate democrats pull an all-nighter to protest the confirmation of president trump's pick for education secretary. >> ms. devos has failed to make the grade. >> if you cannot be a champion of public schools, you should not be secretary of education. >> will vice president mike pence make history by casting an unprecedented tiebreaker. an appeals court set to hear arguments over the president's travel ban, as the white house issues a compromise that would allow an exception for some travelers. stormy weather. powerful systems across the
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country. powerful tornadoes in the south. snow and rain out west. big storm packing snow and wind headed to the east coast. and touchdown, the super bowl champion new england patriots return home to boston with the lombardi trophy. as tom brady, his teammates and fans get set to celebrate their historic come-from-behind win, with a huge parade today, tuesday, february 7th, 2017. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. happy to have maria shriver in once again while savannah continues on maternity leave. al says the weather in boston for that big parade, rain and wind. but you're convinced when brady takes to the parade route, the skies will clear. >> i said yesterday, hot, hot, hot, in every way. i'll say it again today, the sun
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will show. >> there will be a rainbow. >> a rainbow, he will find his jersey. >> we'll have more about the parade. you can tell new yorkers, we've gone from amazed to bitter now. let us start with our top story on a tuesday morning. president trump facing challenges on several fronts. from senate democrats trying to block one of his cabinet nominees to a key court decision over his travel ban that could come as early as today. we have these things all covered, starting with nbc's peter alexander, who is at the white house this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. senior aides tell me they're confident they have the votes. but if betsy devos gets confirmed today, it will be by the narrowest margin. democrats have targeted her from the start. here's a live look at the senate floor. this is a 24 hour talk-a-thon.
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you can see dick durbin of illinois. they expect it to lost until noon when the senate is scheduled to vote. overnight on capitol hill, democrats taking a stand, with an all--night talk-a-thon, aimed at the president's pick for education secretary, betsy devos. >> if you cannot be a champion for public schools, you should not be secretary of education. >> reporter: to block the confirmation, democrats need three republicans to join their effort. so far, they only have two. with that vote expected today, vice president mike pence is set to make history, as the first v.p. to break a 50/50 tie to confirm a cabinet nominee. also facing scrutiny, mr. trump's chase to lead the food department. admitting he had an undocumented immigrant for years. when i learned of her status, we ended her employment. adding, we have fully paid back taxes to the irs and the state of california.
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with the travel ban on hold for you and reunions at american airports, on tap today, a showdown before a federal app l appeals court. on the line, the immigration order, the first legal challenge of his presidency. justice department lawyers defending the executive order as a lawful exercise of the president's authority of the entry of aliens and the admission of refugees. mr. trump standing his ground when visiting troops at macdill air force base in tampa. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> reporter: overnight, hillary clinton with this video statement, surprising a women's conference. >> despite all of the challenges we face, i remain convinced that, yes, the future is female.
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>> reporter: clinton's first on-camera comments since the inauguration and women's march. her former opponent, reflecting on his limbo ride with president obama, insisting his predecessor really does like him. >> i don't know if he'll admit this, but he likes me. i like him because i can feel it. that's what i do in life. it's called i understand. >> reporter: back to that battle over the travel restrictions, the ninth circuit court will hold oral arguments underscoring the urgency of this case. and the president tweeted saying, the threat from radical islamic terrorism is very real lp just lock at what's happening in europe and the middle east. courts must act fast. matt and maria? >> peter alexander at the white house. peter, thank you very much. nbc's just correspondent, pete williams, will be keeping an eye on the hearing of the president's travel ban. pete, good morning to you. take me through the day. how is this going to play out?
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>> for now, the executive order on immigration remains on hold for another day. that means more airport reunions for people that are rushing to get here. after the court got the last of the written briefs, the three-judge panel decided to schedule an hour of oral argument. won't be in the courtroom. the judges will be in chambers by phone. after that is over, the court will rule tonight or tomorrow, matt. >> what is at the heart of the issue? what are they trying to decide? >> it's who is hurt the most. the states say letting the travel restriction going back into effect will hurt them the most. that the faculty and students can't travel. that the industries can't bring in the brightest. but they say it's hurt the most because dangerous people can get visas and enter the country. >> when the court rules, pete, is it winner-takes-all? or is it an a la carte
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compromise? >> the tramp administration said if the court is inclined to rule for the states, it should let the executive order go back into place but give an exception of people that were allowed in the country once before and want to return. or people on visas now and want to travel or come back. >> nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, as always, thank you very much. it is moving fast. the trump administration is escalating its feud with the media. claiming news agencies are downplaying terrorist attacks here in the u.s. and around the world. hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, maria. good morning to you. the white house has promised a list of those attacks they believe haven't received enough attention. and now, that list is out. intended to back up the president's very public complaints about coverage. today, new backup from the white house, to try to support this surprising terrorism claim from president trump. >> you've seen what happened in
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paris and niece. all over europe, it's happening. it's gotten to a point when it's not even being reported. and in many cases, the dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> reporter: what has not been reported? the administration releasing a list of 78 terror attacks, including one at the pulse nightclub in orlando. >> i'm matt lauer in orlando. >> reporter: another in brussels. >> i'm matt lauer in brussels. >> reporter: both among the biggest stories of 2016. a senior white house official tells nbc news, the point is to show terror attacks are so pervasive at this point they do not spark the wall-to-wall coverage they once did. adding, this cannot be allowed to become the new normal. >> members of the media don't always cover some of those events to the extent that other events might get covered. a protest gets blown out of the
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water but an attack doesn't get the same coverage. >> reporter: kellyanne conway firing back. her comments on a so-called bowling green massacre, in the spotlight again. >> bowling green massacre. most people don't know that because it didn't get covered. >> reporter: conway says she misspoke in that interview with chris matthews. >> some of us are wrong once in a while. >> reporter: new word that may have been the third time she referenced the nonexistent attack. twice in late january. first with tmz. >> there were two iraqis who came here, joined isis and were the masterminds behind the bowling green attack on our brave soldiers. >> reporter: and with cosmopolitan," where she mentioned the masterminds behind the bowling green massacre. conway telling them on sunday, they were terrorists in bowling green. but the massacre took place in iraq. at least this got clear-thinking people to focus on what did happen in bowling green. what did happen?
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two iraqi nationals living in that kentucky town were arrested in 2011, later sent to federal prison, for attempting to send weapons and money to al qaeda. conway telling nbc news overnight, the obsession over there makes it seem like i said something that affects people's lives. like, say, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. and conway is reiterating to nbc news that while the terrorists lived in bowling green, the massacre, she says, happened in iraq. saying she's glad to have raised awareness about the arrests. matt, maria? >> hallie jackson, thanks so much. nbc news has exclusive information about the intended target of last week's raid in yemen. nbc's senior investigator and correspondent cynthia mcfadden, has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, matt. preparations for the raid began during the obama administration were passed on to the trump administration, making it the
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first clandestine military strike of his presidency. this morning, multiple military and intelligence officials tell nbc news that a top-secret target was the real reason for the u.s. military operation last week in yemen. his name, qassim al rimi, the head of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, considered the third-most dangerous terrorist in the world. the mission, capture or kill him. >> i think it is a successful operation by all standards. >> reporter: but today, we know the high-stakes gamble to capture al rimi was not a success. he is alive in yemen, according to multiple military officials who confirm that al rimi released an audio recording, taunting president trump on sunday. the fool at the white house got slapped at the beginning of his road in your lands, he said. the white house and the pentagon declined to comment. >> i think it would be unfair to criticize a new administration, in part because this is
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counterterrorism activity. it's well-oiled, well-worn. and certainly well-planned. >> reporter: all of the leaders in the military chain of command agreed that the prospect of taking out al rimi was worth the mission's risk. officials tell nbc news mr. trump, secretary of defense and the joint chiefs of staff called the potential capture of al rimi a game-changer. in making their case to proceed, they doubted the obama administration would have been bold enough to try it. the operation was larger than any counterterrorism strike since the killing of osama bin laden. two dozen navy s.e.a.l.s were involved. 30 to 40 other americans on the ground and in the air. a dozen commandos from the united arab emirates. and a half-dozen yemeni soldiers. william ryan owens was killed in the raid, when forces were faced with fierce resistance. also killed, 14 al qaeda militants and several civilians.
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>> the reality is the fruits of this kind of operation, the disruption of al qaeda leadership, the knowledge that the u.s. is willing to reach deep into al qaedaer t territord the fruit may not be clear for some time. >> reporter: it is not clear what the information will turn out to be. nor is it clear if al rimi was at the target location that night. or perhaps if he was tipped off beforehand. >> cynthia, thank you very much. we have an important recall to tell you about this morning. evanger's is recalling some of its dog food, after a drug that's used to euthanize pets was found in it. the recall comes after one dog died. four other dogs got sick. the recall involves 12-ounce cans of hunk of beef. for a list of affected products,
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go to our website, let's go up to boston now, where the new england patriots are holding a super bowl victory parade today. the team returned home last night to a big welcome. thousands of people gathering. and even more are lining the city streets this morning. nbc's ron mott is there. good morning. >> reporter: this is becoming old hat around here. a football season ends and they throw a patriots' parade. how they won this game on sunday, this parade will be something to behold. >> we're bringing this sucker home. >> reporter: a man of his word, today, super bowl mvp tom brady and his new england patriots back in boston. ready to take the vince lombardi trophy to the streets in a duck boat parade. hundreds of thousands of fans are expected to celebrate the patriots' comeback over the atlanta falcons. with a dramatic win comes a significant loss. brady announcing his number 12 game jersey has vanished.
7:15 am
>> put it in my bag. and i came out. it wasn't there anymore. so, it's unfortunate because that's a nice piece of memorabilia. if it shows up on ebay, someone let me know. >> reporter: an investigation under way, after texas lieutenant governor dan patrick called on the texas rangers to help houston police track down the jersey. saying in a statement, in texas we place a very high value on hospitality and football. tom brady's jersey has great historical value and is being called the most valuable nfl collectible ever. the other texas rangers, the professional baseball team, having some fun. responding to patrick's statement with a tweet saying, this is a bit out of our job description. but we'll see what we can do. while the jersey could fetch a reported $500,000 if sold legally, brady choosing to look on the bright side. >> those are special ones to keep. you know? what can you do? i'll take the ring and that's good enough for me. >> reporter: brady with five
7:16 am
super bowl rings, four super bowl mvps, two league mvps and one supermodel wife, always there to cheer him on. gisele posting this picture on instagram, congratulating her husband. the city of boston may want to prepare for a less than productive workforce today. last night, brady writing an excuse for them readling, attention managers of boston, i declare tomorrow a city-wide holiday. tomorrow, we dance in the streets. some dancing to come. anyone wondering whether tom brady might hang up his cleats after his big super bowl win, think again. he continues to want to play this game for a long time. >> hey, ron. maria may have seen tom's jersey in her hotel room. if you get that word to tom, that would be great. >> he has to come here to pick it up. help me out. take it away. >> this took a creepy turn, fyi. >> have you been here all morning? >> i know. i try to ignore it.
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we have weather to talk about. let's look right now. this is russellville, arkansas. heavy lightning strikes. strong storms. more is on the way. we have severe thunderstorm watches in tennessee, parts of arkansas, parts of southern missouri, as well, as the system makes its way to the east, we are going to be looking at the strong storms. in fact, we, right now, don, if you can advance that -- my producer, don. you can see we've got strong storms, and the risk of heavy lightening, possible tornadoes for 27 million people, as this system moves to the east, severe storms with damaging wind. a wintry mix making its way into new england, that will not dampen the spirits of the folks up there for the parade. and snow and ice will remain. we're waiting for the next system that will develop. a nor'easter that will cause problems. one to two inches in three hours possible. and we're looking at some snow
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possible as we get our way up into new england. we're g tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking more rain showers. the first few came in first thing this morning. steadier rain later this morning and this afternoon, but it's going to stay mild and with rain tapering off this afternoon,
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we're in for 60s for philadelphia and upper 50s in the suburbs. cloudy skies can a few showers for new jersey. 60s this amp. could see breaks of sunshine especially at the shore later today. high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon for lehigh valley. up to 64 in delaware. he's a huge, huge patriots fan. congratulations, don. coming up, beckileaks, david beckham caught up in a blackmail scandal. and a deadly problem with an easy fix. why aren't we seeing it on the roads? first, this is "today" on nbc. (alarms) where's the car?
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even without methotrexate, and is also available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. most accurate neighborhood forecast in the area. >> starting off with cloudy skies. grab your umbrella. clouds overhead. seen light rain showers move through lehigh valley. look what's on the way. steady rain moves in this morning and continues into early this afternoon. we will see steady rainfall, but late in the day get breaks in the clouds. see the temperatures climb. from the 30s and 40s into the 60s for philadelphia. 63 as we're drying out this afternoon. 50 in the lehigh valley. delaware is up to 64 and right up to 60 degrees for new jersey. even at the shore. get a check on the roads with nbc first alert traffic
7:27 am
jessica boyington. rush hour out there. >> on 95 we are seeing slow downs here. watching the crash around the betsy ross bridge and southbound side see it's over to the left-hand shoulder. we're seeing slowdowns on the southbound side moving towards center city. pretty typical of the morning rush anyway. also watching morning market frankford line. running on modifies schedule. >> thank you today. bucks county expected serial child rapist appear in court for preliminary hearing. worked as handyman and found child pornography and notes about alleged crimes in his mobile home. identified six victims. . think more may come forward. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to today show. have a great day. see you at the top of the hour.
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♪ 7:30, now, on a tuesday morning, february 7th, 2017. it's a rainy morning here in new york. that didn't keep these folks from stopping by studio 1a. we'll go outside in a little while. i'm matt lauer, alongside maria shriver, who is in for savannah this week. and hoda is here, as well. >> hey. let's look at the stories making headlines this morning. a key court battle is being held later today over president trump's executive order on immigration. the justice department will faceoff by phone with opponents of the travel ban before a panel of federal appeals court judges. those judges will then decide if the order should be reinstated. also today, the senate is expected to vote on the
7:31 am
nomination of betsy devos as education secretary. democrats and two republicans have voiced strong opposition to her. and overnight, senate democrats held a marathon session speaking out against the pick. the vote is expected to stand at 50/50. so, vice president mike pence would cast the tiebreaker, a very first for a cabinet nominee. and this was the scene in russellville, arkansas, overnight. the town hit by heavy rain, strong winds and intense lightning strike. this is part of the system that could produce possible tornadoes in the south today. we're going to get to al's forecast coming up in just a moment. also this morning, soccer superstar david beckham is responding to a hack attack and a blackmail attempt that's made some of his private e-mails front page news. the controversy which has been dubbed beckileaks, started when hackers allegedly stole e-mails from a company in portugal run by beckham's p.r. chief.
7:32 am
what's making headlines are unflattering e-mails that have been published in the british press, suggesting that beckham sought to exploit his charity work in order to become a knight. in one e-mail, beckham reportedly called the committee that awards the honors unappreciative. he dismissed lesser awards, writing unless it's a knighthood, expletive off. he talks about the unicef fund. >> physical you're there on the ground, you don't see the great work that's being done. and it outweighed anything that i ever thought about what people did for unicef. >> reporter: in another alleged exchange with his publicist, beckham angrily rejected a suggestion that he donate $1 million to his own unicef fund. beckham's reported response, to pour this million into the fund is like putting my own money in. and if there was no fund, the money would be for me. this expletive money is mine. >> violence against children marks them forever.
7:33 am
it's wrong. end it. >> reporter: unicef is standing by him, writing, david beckham has been a unicef goodwill ambassador since 2005. and as well as generously giving his time, energy and support to help raise awareness and funds for unicef's work for children, david has given significant funds personally. the e-mails have not been verified by nbc news. david beckham is adamant that the leaked messages are being taken out of context. his spokesperson telling nbc news, this story is based on outdated material, taken out of context from hacked and doctored private e-mails from a third party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture. beckham's brand is a unique combination of jet setti inting glamour with an ordinary bloke persona. >> i want people to see me as a hardworking footballer. someone who is passionate about the game. and every time i stepped on the pitch, i've given everything
7:34 am
that i have. >> reporter: an image at odds with some of the leaked e-mails that show an elaborate publicity operation at work. beckham's family also rallying behind him. his oldest son posting this tender moment of dad and little sister, harper, to his instagram captioned only with two hearts. and beckham's team had obtained an injunction blocking the publication of the e-mails. when some media outlets across europe releasing them, the british press followed. they haven't figured out who the heckers are. >> we're seeing more and more of these stories. hoda, thank you very much. mr. roker, another check of the weather? >> we have a weather whiplash coming up. record breaking weather today. and temperatures into tomorrow. and here in the east, we're going to talk about a snowstorm possible. paducah, houston, detroit, d.c. and jacksonville. tomorrow, the cold air is coming into the plains.
7:35 am
ahead of this system, temperatures well above normal. and then, the cold air gets in. and low pressure develops. and as it does, so by around midnight, thursday morning, washington, d.c., rain, sleet, snow. philadelphia, rain changing over to snow. by the afternoon on thursday, d.c., new york city, wet snow. snow starts to get into providence. and by thursday afternoon, we've got snow from boston all the way down to new york. it pushes through where we are looking at generally about two to four inches. but eastern long island and on up towards boston, we could see two to six inches of snow. it's still a little on the iffy side. but w rge track accident more rain showers. steadier rain this afternoon. going to stay mild. rain tapering off this afternoon, in for 60s in philadelphia and upper 50s in suburbs. cloudy skies this morning. 60 this afternoon.
7:36 am
could see breaks of sunshine. especially at the shore, later today. a high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon to the lehigh valley. up to 64 in delaware. have a great day. >> oh, my god. what is up with you people? i see what's going on in this break. >> don't forget, anytime you need your weather, go to the weather channel on cable. are you okay? >> i'm here to defend you, maria. >> really. i'm going to start sweating. >> you know we're on tv, right? >> i know. coming up on "trending," the morning routine you should be doing for a bigger energy boost than coffee. but first, the safety hazard on the roads with the simple solution that could save (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪
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7:41 am
always see in the headlines. >> this morning, a transportation safety issue you need to be careful of before getting in the car. >> this is an important one. this kills hundreds of people every year. you may be thinking that's true of a lot of safety issues on the road. but safety advocates say this one is different because this issue has a simple fix. and they say it can save those lives. this is what happens when your car hits the side of a truck trailer and crashes under. they're called side underride collisions. >> it can be a horrific crash. the passenger or driver is going to be hit in the head. >> reporter: about 200 people die this way every year. >> she had a lot of personality. roy was my best friend. >> reporter: lois derso's daughter was 26 years old when her car skid in a blizzard and under a truck trailer. she died instantly. >> i feel the pain every day.
7:42 am
>> reporter: a tragedy beyond anyone control, until she noticed something during a trip in europe. >> looking at all of the trailers, tractor-trailers, they all had side guards. >> reporter: side guards like these. she started digging. >> if the trailer had side guards, she would have survived. >> reporter: aaron keefer is a forensic engineer. >> i have seen the carnage that can result. >> reporter: he set out to engineer a solution. >> it's two pieces of aluminum and a tensioned polyester web between them. we looked at his crash tests. we're about to look at what a side underride collision looks like with no guards. devastating. now, we're going to look at what happens with a side guard. made a big difference. >> it's intact.
7:43 am
>> reporter: that is night and day. the department of transportation has been considering mandatory side guards since the '60s. the ntsb recommended a rule requiring them, showing a study that guards save nine out of ten side under injuries. the truck and tractor manufacturing administration declined our request to interviews. but raised concerns that the guards could weaken parts of a trailer or dangerously increase their weight. >> it would save a lot of lives. but the trucking industry opposes it. >> reporter: the department of transportation and highway safety, nhtisa did. but they have long stressed nhtsa to take action. they can take action themselves or congress can corredirect it so. why does it take so long?
7:44 am
>> the trucking industry gives a huge amount of money to members of congress. >> there's a lot of influence that comes with the contributions. >> reporter: members of the transportation committee received $9 million from the transportation industry. john thune who received $731,000 in the last five years, became chairman two years ago. >> it's completely his responsibility. absolutely his responsibility. >> reporter: why do you think senator thune hasn't acted? >> well, i'd like you to ask him that question. >> reporter: so, we did. the former head of nhtsa, joan claybrook, specifically named you. you have the power by legislation to order d.o.t. to act on this. that you can do it easily, that's in your responsibility to the committee chair. >> she sent a letter to nhtsa saying that nhtsa has the authority to do this and put it off. we can talk about whose responsibility it is. we want to do everything we can to make the roads safer.
7:45 am
>> the fact that you have received $731,000 from the transportation industry from the last five years, doesn't make you more partial against this industry lobbying against this? >> i am interested in safety. we will take steps that will make our roads safer. >> reporter: is there a specific question you want to bring to people on the senate and house committees? >> it's not a question, it's a statement. you're negligent. do something about it. do your job. make them safer. >> reporter: when a victim's family says they believe you've been negligent not moving on this issue, what's your response to that? >> well, look. we have -- every so many years, we move a highway bill. and i'm sure there's many things that people would like to have included. and so, our job is to look at what we can do to make our highways safety. and the if side guards on trucks is something that fits that definition, then obviously, it's something we'll look at in the next bill. >> it's outrageous that people
7:46 am
in power don't seem to care enough to do something about it. but we're not going to give up. >> reporter: in the absence of federal action, some cities including boston and san francisco, have started mandating guards on trucks they purchase. if you have a strong opinion on this, you can write to the department of transportation, or the people on those committees. guys? >> i love when mothers and ordinary people step up and use their voices. >> reporter: they have been fighting for years on this. >> incredible. >> reporter: and i think there's an opening for a lot of people in congress to speak on it one way or another. >> and there's a template in europe. >> thank you very much. and up next, sheinelle is in the orange room, with more on the super bowl performance of lady gaga. ♪ ♪ at whole foods market, we believe in food that's naturally beautiful and fresh. delicious and powerful, and full of nutrients. food that makes us nourished and mighty,
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7:51 am
unexpectedly hugged during the performance, instantly turning her into the envy of the internet. here's what she had to say about the super bowl surprise. >> i was tearing. hold it together just a little longer. and the lights went down in the area. i bawled. i cried. >> she wasn't the only one who shed some tears after the show. lady gaga herself got emotional when she ran into her sister's arms backstage. and now, people online are claiming they got a sneak peek of gaga's halftime show long before she booked the gig thanks to "the simpsons." a cartoon lady gaga is seen flying down. and dancing on stage in an outfit much like she wore on sunday. i will say cartoon or real life, one thing is for sure, lady gaga puts an incredible show. >> it was very cool. >> she hugs people afterwards, no matter what event she goes
7:52 am
to. >> i love that she hugged her parents and her sister. she's a family american. yeah. that was so cute. >> sheinelle, thank you. coming up, how is life after the white house treating the former president? this video out this morning. it's probably going to speak for itself. and duane john (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if
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let's get right to bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> few light showers. mostly cloudy skies and rain on the way. in fact, moving in from the west through hairsburg. moving in this morning and out of here this afternoon. drying out later today and warming up too. not all that cold this morning. 30s for the suburbs and for the lehigh valley and this afternoon much of the area will warm into the upper 50s and 60s today. >> all right. thank you. let's get a check on the roads. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington looking at the boulevard. >> watching route one by the boulevard. right around broad street is the camera. both directions look okay. out of the range there is a crash on the southbound side just around ninth street. watch for delays there. also watching that transit running on modified schedule
7:57 am
today for market frankford line. providing shuttle buses for some of peak hours. vai, back to you. in philadelphia, loved ones of a community organizer found shot to death are urging anyone with information to come forward. funeral is scheduled monday. friends are planning a vigil for later this week. police found harris shot several times inside her home in west philadelphia friday night. and university in gloucester county warning students about possible armed robbery on campus. two students held up in front of campus wellness center. jumped out of car flashing what appeared to be a gun and demanded money. no one was hurt. today in lehigh valley bethlehem officials meet to consider new restrictions about growing bamboo within the city limits. hard variety of grass can damage lawn, foundations and water lines. another update coming up in 25 minutes. see you at the bottom of the hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, all-nighter. senate democrats mount a final protest against president trump's pick for education secretary. >> it is difficult to imagine a worse choice to head the department of education. >> mr. devos has failed to make the grade. >> we do not want to go backwards. >> will vice president mike pence make history with a tiebreaking vote, as an appeals court prepares to hear arguments over trump's travel ban. plus "baywatch" is back. >> welcome to "baywatch." >> sheinelle takes you behind the scenes of the hit tv show's big-screen reboot. and gives us a sneak peek at the surf, swimsuits and stars.
8:01 am
>> we also wanted to make sure that it felt fresh and contemporary. >> we've taken "baywatch" and upgraded it. updated it. >> turned up the volume? >> turned up the volume. and mother/daughter moment. christie brinkley makes her return to "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue, alongside her two girls. today, tuesday, february 7th, 2017. ♪ >> hi to our friends and family in south texas. woo. >> it's our first anniversary. tony and angela from virginia. >> want to wish a happy birthday to my life, lee from utah. >> sensational 60 today. go, patriots. >> okay. >> we're back 8:00 on this tuesday morning. it's the seventh day of
8:02 am
february. >> hi, kids. >> 2017. that rain al talked about. >> it's here. >> it's here. how long is this going to lost? >> it will die down and we start it up tomorrow again. >> are you all right? >> maria shriver in for savannah this week. good to have you here. hope you're having fun. and by the way, can we mention something? savannah was just selected for a 2017 matrix award. >> that's a big deal. >> for being one of the versatile journalists in media today. >> that's a compliment to her. yesterday she did the cover of a new children's book. >> that's right. >> all happening. >> tomorrow, she's making all of her own clothes tomorrow. >> that's good. good for her. coming up today, if you don't have plans for valentine's day, we got you covered. eric is coming in to give us some easy recipes and figure out how to have an easy, elegant dinner.
8:03 am
>> nice. >> what if you don't have a date? is he going to take care of that, too? >> eric might. >> that's a segment we're doing another day. let's get a check of the top stories. folks, here's your news at 8:00. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker, where president trump is waging a war on two fronts. working to get his controversial education secretary, betsy devos confirmed. democrats are on the senate floor right now in an all-out protest trying to block her. the battle over the travel ban is heating up this morning. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. and we will not allow it to take root in our country. >> reporter: overnight, the president tweeting, the threat from radical islamic terrorism is very real. just look at what is happening in europe and the middle east. courts must act fast. in just a few hours, the administration will argue its case to restore the executive order, which bans refugees and
8:04 am
travel from seven predominantly muslim countries, after it was blocked by a lower court in washington state. speaking to u.s. troops at macdill air force base on monday, mr. trump laid out his case. >> we need strong programs so that people who love us are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us. >> reporter: the administration argues the order is legal because the president has broad authority when it comes to immigration and controlling the borders. two states, washington and minnesota, say the executive order is unconstitutional, harming universities and stranding students. nearly 100 mostly high-tech companies adding the ban makes recruiting top talent from around the world more difficult. >> we're not rethinking the strategy at all. >> reporter: instead, amping up its rhetoric on terror. president trump even suggesting terror attacks abroad are going unreported. >> in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> reporter: late monday night, the white house offering a list
8:05 am
of 78 terror attacks over 2 years. some like a french citizen beheaded in algeria are not well-known. but the majority, like the truck attack in germany, have been widely reported, including by nbc news. >> this whole process stinks. >> reporter: meanwhile, overnight, democrats holding a rare all-night talk-a-thon in an effort to block betsy devos, the president's pick for education secretary. >> it is difficult to imagine a worse choice to head the department of education. >> reporter: democrats arguing devos, a megadonor, sun qualified. >> in my mind, she is the least qualified nominee in a historically unqualified cabinet. >> reporter: andrew puzer in is also under scrutiny he employed an undocumented worker. in a statement saying, my wife and i employed a house keeper for a few years. when i learned of her status, we
8:06 am
immediately ended her employment. he also saying he paid back taxes to the irs. now, as for devos, two republicans have said they won't support her. democrats need one more republican vote to block devos, which will be tough to get. bottom line, she'll likely get confirmed. maria. >> kristen, thanks so much. this morning, police have tied a frightening new attack to a couple wanted for questioning in three gulf coast murders. the latest crime linked the couple took place in pensacola, florida. a young mother, home with her toddler, was shot and critically wounded. her car was stolen. police believe the pair also killed two other women in florida and another across the state line in alabama, in just over a week. well, the history streets of boston are filling up for today's super bowl victory parade. sunday's comeback win making that celebration a lot sweeter for the fans of the new england patriots. nbc's ron mott is up in boston.
8:07 am
ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. everyone is in a good mood this morning in downtown boston. we were here two years ago. i was in this very same spot. you see people getting their places in line, as well. here what the seen in boston harbor, outside of logan airport, there was a water salute for the champions when they're plane landed. we were there at the stadium. thousands at the stadium to get a glimpse of them. two years ago, after another improbable victory in the super bowl over the seattle seahawks, sorry, seattle fans, there was a huge parade. the parade winds through downtown boston and ends here on historic boylston street, which is where the marathon also ends. today, it will start about 11:00 local time, upwards of 1 million people expected. on a less positive note, let's talk about tom braidty's jersey. the jersey he wore on sunday is somewhere in this country. it's missing. he put it in his bag after the game and apparently in the celebration and all of the people in the locker room and
8:08 am
whatnot, the jersey disappeared. a full-scale investigation going down in texas. tom brady joked if you see it online for sale, it's a piece of memorabilia he'd like to get back. back to you. >> the plot thickens there. up next, former president obama like you have never seen him before. then, why the patriots historic super bowl comeback earned this tennis star a very unusual date. and our friend, joan lunden, she looks as an
8:09 am
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8:12 am
♪ 8:11, good time to trend with maria shriver. >> oh, yeah. can't beat that. >> first of all, we told you a couple of weeks ago, that president obama left the white house and went on vacation in the virgin islands with billionaire businessman richard branson. so, what does a former president do to relax? he learns to kate surf. check this out. president obama and branson, enjoying that water sport and the clear, blue waters. how good does that look? branson says it was obama's first time trying the sport. within a couple of days -- that's a hard sport if you've tried it. within a couple of days, he was up catching waves. >> are you airborne when you do that? >> it has a fin under it that rides on top of the waves. and they had a competition to see who could stay up longer. and apparently president obama was the winner of that. look at this picture. want to see a guy with some weight lifted off his shoulders. >> wow.
8:13 am
>> we did "where in the world" in necker island, that place will lift some weight off your shoulders. that's a beautiful place. >> look at that smile. >> that's a great picture of him, right? now, this is something that i like because i'm going to talk about the west coasters. you are all east coasters. according to a new study, we have different character traits. things like anxiety and socialability can change based on where you live. you guys are very anxious about your relationships. >> what do you mean? >> we're waylaidback. people in utah, they're the most relationship-inclined. i might be moving there. scientists say there's many factors at play here. but simple peer pressure is what affects people most in the new environments. you're all so veszed out and anxious, stay around me a little bit and you'll chill out. >> do you think that's true? >> i think people in new york are more hyper. >> i think there's truth to it. >> if you leave new york nor a week or two, you're startled how
8:14 am
aggressive it feel farce minute and you get back in the groove. >> but is the west coast that laid back or is it a facade? >> there you go. >> we're good at that, too. we're good at that, too. >> and you look good doing it. >> thank you, al. how many of us drink coffee in the morning? you don't drink coffee? i don't know how you survive without it. those who do, usually bauds you want that boost of energy, right? what if i told you about something you could do instead of drinking coffee and get that same level of energy? apparently it's a 90-second shower routine that's going to wake you up faster than coffee. here's how it works. first, you get in the shower, you blast yourself with cold water for 30 seconds. >> okay. >> then, you turn it to warm water for 30 seconds. then, you flip it back to cold for the last 30 seconds. this tortuous routine apparently opens capillaries and boosts your circulation. warm showers or hot showers make you more tired. it signals to your body you want
8:15 am
to go back to sleep. >> if i opened my eyes and ju jumped into a cold shower. >> i've done this. it works. you feel more energized when you come out. and if it is warm, you want to go back to bed. it's true. >> all right. >> that moment of stepping into a cold shower is no fun. >> huh-uh. >> it's like jumping into a cold pool. and you feel invigorated. >> every morning? >> that tough mudder and had to jump into the ice. >> that was nasty. >> okay. sheinelle, "pop start." >> i'll pass on that one. thank you. christie brinkley is making a triumphant return to "sports illustrated" and with her daughter. the supermodel looking stunning at 63 years old. yeah. pictured with alexa ray and sailor. here's another shot of brinkley looking incredible. she graced the cover of "sports illustrated" for the first time in 1979. got a little emotional on set with her daughters saying it was
8:16 am
a real full-circle moment. we'll be joined by christie and her daughters next week when the issue hits newsstands. >> amazing. >> just sitting there. >> i can't believe that. that's amazing. >> i'll have what she's having. >> a cold shower every morning. >> exactly. all right. next up, canadian tennis star, genie bouchard has learned to never bet against tom brady, as the falcons took the lead in sunday's game. she tweeted, i knew atlanta would win by the way. one of bouchard's fans said, if the patriots win, we go on a date. and she's planning to stick to her word. she asked the fan where he lives. and he will take her on a date wherever she wants. >> what could go wrong? >> not that. finally, only one kylie could come out the winner. kylie minogue over kylie jenner, in a legal battle over their shared name.
8:17 am
jenner had been trying to trademark the name for her fashion lines. minogue's team said the trademark would dilute her brand. and it calls jenner a secondary reality television personality. jenner is already planning an appeal. >> all right. sheinelle, thank you very much. mr. roker, what you got? >> let's see what we got for you and show you. we got some severe thunderstorms. we have severe thunderstorm watch right now in parts of arkansas on into tennessee, including memphis and little rock. probably going to see a tornado watch coming out of this thing. right now, we have a risk of strong storms from indianapolis down to mobile and new orleans. atlanta, 27 million people at risk for the storms. we're watching a nor'easter coming in early thursday morning into the northeast. airports from d.c. up to new york and eventually boston will be a problem. thursday morning, rough commute from philly to washington, d.c. just starting in new york city. and by noontime, it's new york, philadelphia, boston, lingering
8:18 am
delays. look for the snow to end by thursday evening, up and town the east coast. goat's what's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking more rain showers. the first few came in first thing this morning. steadier rain later this morning and this afternoon. but, it's going to stay mild. and with rain tapering off this afternoon, we're in for 60s for philadelphia and upper 50s in the suburbs. cloudy skies this morning, with a few showers for new jersey. 60 this afternoon. you could see some breaks of sunshine, especially at the shore later today. a high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon for the lehigh valley. up to 64 in delaware. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. want to go back to our special series "war on cancer." highi highlighting the breakthroughs of that disease. >> joan lunden is here with a story about an innovative surgery that's available to women.
8:19 am
joan, good to see you. >> nice to bey with you. i spent some time with courtney curtain, a beautiful young lady who shared her challenges due to breast cancer. and she's chosen a unique path that's a real game-changer for women in the fight against cancer. >> i feel that even though i lost my mom, i feel she's with me right now. and she wants me to do this. and i feel like, she's helping me find my way. >> reporter: 34-year-old courtney curtain understands too well the fight against cancer. her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when courtney was in the third grade. a decade later it was back and had spread to her brain. >> there were points when i would go days out taking the shower because that would involve leaving her side. and i wouldn't do it. it's not even that i couldn't. i wouldn't do it. i wanted to be there for her. >> reporter: courtney's mom passed away at age 52. her sister died after breast cancer not long after.
8:20 am
and courtney's cousin was diagnosed at 25. she survived. then, last june, at a routine checkup, courtney's doctor discovered a lump. though it proved to be benign, courtney got strong advice. when your doctor said, you have this family history, i think you should get genetic testing, you were reluctant. >> i was. i had been told as a child, in the doctor's room, if you get genetic testing and you test positive for any cancer mutation your insurance provider will drop you. i remember that lingering over my head forever. >> reporter: that's not the case today. >> exactly. and i didn't know that. >> you haven't felt anything abnormal, right? >> reporter: she met with a leading oncologist at the nyu cancer center. smith ordered a blood test to map courtney's dna. >> courtney has a mutation in the brca-1 gene. i advised her to think about her
8:21 am
options. they include risk-reducing surgery. or she should have chosen to have enhanced breast surveillance. >> reporter: courtney needed to share the news with her fiance, johnson. you're planning a wedding. and you get this diagnosis. >> it was a setback. it showed me a side of jason that i've never seen. >> reporter: supportive, she says, during the toughest decisions. courtney chose to undergo a preventative double-mastectomy. doctors told her genetic tests and her age suggested her chances of getting breast cancer after the surgery would drop from 60% to just 1%. and they offered her a cutting edge approach. what nyu calls breast in a day, where mastectomy and reconstruction happens all in one surgery. rather than the more common multiple surgeries over a year.
8:22 am
it's a realtively new option for a select number of patients. >> the implant goes underneath the muscle. >> reporter: nyu plastic surgeries says it's fewer surgeries and it helps women cope. >> they wake up, they feel whole. they don't have a period of grieving process. with no breasts. >> i want you to concentrate on your breathing. >> reporter: in november, courtney checked in for surgery with nyu's team of top surgeons. >> give me some saline, please. >> reporter: the surgeons removed the breast tissue. her nipples were tested to confirm there was no cancer. and the plastic surgery stepped in to reconstruct with breast implants. >> everything went really well. >> reporter: courtney's surgery took just over three hours. >> how are your arms? >> reporter: a month later, courtney was still healing, but in good spirits. >> this one was designed for
8:23 am
you. >> reporter: and to celebrate, a very meaningful milestone, courtney invited us to join her as she took some exciting steps towards her future. >> i feel like i took control. i feel like i got this. i got through this, you know. i beat you, breast cancer. you didn't beat me. >> and doctors have been refining this procedure over the past five years. it's become more common in the last two or three years because now there are more women who are braca positive coming in for surgery. it's done less than 1% in all cases. nyu says one in ten women are candidates. you can go to to find out more. >> that statistic, where her risk of breast cancer went from 60% down to 1%. >> it's a no-brainer. and she has a huge family history. >> right. >> it's incredible how short the operation was.
8:24 am
you were commenting on that. >> and to get that news when you're just engaged and planning a wedding. >> good guy. >> a good guy. >> joan, thank you. >> absolutely. thanks. let's go over to sheinelle. >> thanks, guys. what to serve up some romance this valentine's day.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 8:30. a little cloudy and overcast out there. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> vai, just as expected, rain is quickly moving into the area. it's still dry in wilmington, philadelphia, and trenton, but the rain is starting to fall now in chester county and into berks county and there is more on the way. the good news is, it's only going to be rain. it's above freezing in the suburbs. 38 degrees. and 35 and climbing now in the lehigh valley. and that 44 degrees until philadelphia international, while it's 46 now at center city, as the rain comes to an end this afternoon, we'll warm into the low 60s. >> all right, bill, thank you. let's get a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. where are you starting? >> we're watching 95. these are our cameras around route 420.
8:27 am
on the off-ramp, you can see an overturned truck blocking that ramp to northbound 95 from 420. doesn't seem to be causing too many problems on the northbound there. crash on 15th street around market street, this involves a bus and a truck. vai, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. happening today in harrisburg, pennsylvania, governor tom wolf will deliver his annual budget address. wolf's office says the proposed spending plan will include $2 billion in cuts and in savings, without major tax hike or cuts to schools and social services. the governor would still need money, however, to close a $3 billion budget gap. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update for you coming up in about 25 minutes. and of course, you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you at the top of the hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30, now, on a tuesday morning. 7th day of february, 2017. normally at this time of the show, we would be outside. >> our crowd is in here? >> we have brought our crowd inside because it was nasty out there. and maria didn't want to go out. >> yeah. >> we decided to stay inside. >> you get the number of that bus? >> really. >> it's great because look who we have joining us. >> who? >> we have music star, fashion icon, rita orr. >> i love that introduction. can you say it again? >> yeah. >> she has so many titles. fashion icon, music star, actress. which do you like the best? >> i love performing live. so, i would like to do the music side.
8:31 am
we can take it all. >> we love the music side of you. we love that you're in "fifty shades darker," girl. >> yeah. >> tells about your character. >> i play christian grey's younger sister, the one that gets away with everything. she's the one that teases a lot and informs, you know, dakota about, you know, a bunch of things. to be honest, it's gone up a notch since the first one. >> in what way? >> in all ways. it depends on what time it is in the morning. >> uh-oh. >> it is a morning show. >> right. >> go ahead, tell us. >> it's great. everything. it's intense. it's steamy. it's more emotional. it's just, you know, james foley, the new director, is fabulous. we filmed the second and the third one, which is exciting. and you know, just being a part of this franchise, you know, it's massive. >> how has it changed you? >> it's changed me in ways where i look at things differently. i'm kidding.
8:32 am
i've just learned a lot about, you know, this whole aspect of entertainment, being a part of movies and kind of not being able to creatively do your own thing. like music, when you do whatever you want. and you have to, you know, stick to a regime and wake up early, like you guys know. >> and by the way, as a segway. you have music coming out, and collaborate with a lot of great stars. >> i have great things. >> can you give us a hint? >> come on. >> i'm so lucky i have four of you. >> yeah. it took four of us. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> what time is it? >> we added sheinelle when you weren't looking. >> it's early. >> it's and charlie. >> rita, we love you. >> that's a good tease, by the way. >> "fifty shades darker" hits theaters friday. mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> we'll look at what's going on, for the boston marathon -- i'm sorry, the super bowl parade
8:33 am
in boston. it's a marathon parade. looking at snow changing over to rain. rest of the country, severe storms down through the gulf coast. heavy rain out west. dense fog in the midsection of the country with a lot of airport delays. record highs on the east coast. and heavy rain on the pacific northwest. and look for more snowmakingts way into i t good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking more rain showers. the first few came in first thing this morning. steadier rain later this morning and this afternoon. but, it's going to stay mild. and with rain tapering off this afternoon, we're in for 60s for philadelphia and upper 50s in the suburbs. cloudy skies this morning, with a few showers for new jersey. 60 this afternoon. you could see some breaks of sunshine, especially at the shore later today. a high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon for the lehigh valley. up to 64 in delaware. have a great day. >> don't forget.
8:34 am
get that weather anytime you need it and check out our friends at the weather channel on cable. you have a reminder for us? >> absolutely. we're gearing up to travel the country once again for roker-thon iii and this time, we're going back to school. >> history belongs to the bold. this weatherman holds two guinness world record titles. now, it's your chance to join him. al roker is going to college campuses across america looking for new records to set. if you think your school has the right stuff, the school spirit, go to and tell us what record you seek and why. and you could join al for rokerthon 3, storming into the madness. >> that's right. all hands on deck for every college out there. don't throw away your shot at joining -- like how i did that? head to send us a video showing why your school has the most spirit and
8:35 am
what record you want to attempt. we're going old-school. >> we have to get sororities and fraternities in there. >> what can go wrong? >> let's go, bobcats. >> oswego great lakers. speaking of highly anticipated events, the hit tv show "baywatch," gearing up to hit the big screen. this young lady over here spent time with the all-star cast. >> you hear the music? it comes back, right? i traveled to the "baywatch" shot where i learned a thing or two about the responsibility that comes with the famous bright red bathing suits. "baywatch" is back. ♪ ♪ i'll be ready i'll be ready ♪ >> reporter: the action drama that brought in audiences of more than a billion people in 148 countries was popularized in the 1990s by beach, babes and bods. >> welcome to "baywatch."
8:36 am
>> reporter: now it's trading in the small screen with the silver. with iconic characters. reprized by some familiar faces. updated theme song. and the bright red bathing suits. does it mirror the series at all? or is it going to be different? >> it's the spirit of the series. but we also wanted to make sure that it felt fresh and contemporary. >> we've taken "baywatch" and upgraded it. updated it. >> reporter: turn up the volume? >> turn up the volume. >> reporter: the reboot starring duane johnson and zac efron, was partially shot here in georgia, and includes newcomer john bass. >> this is called a rescue cam. you are holding it the right way up. >> reporter: did you have to do this when you were trying out for the role? >> oh, 1,000%. >> reporter: seriously? and kelly row back, and alexandra. >> i think tip number one is shake the hair. get the hair out of the face. use the winds as a fan to blow
8:37 am
it off the face. >> think sexy and think determined at the same time. >> that happens through the smize. >> the smize? >> the smiling with your eyes. >> okay. >> reporter: talk to me about the plot. seth warden is the film's director. >> duane johnson is playing mitch buchanan, who was made famous by david hasselhoff. he's put together this team of people and they protect the bay. >> you feel it in your hip flexor. all about keeping it slow. >> reporter: you have to save lives in this movie? >> hell, yeah. >> reporter: how do you save a life? >> i'll be driving the jet ski. he's primed on top to bounce. and i'll launch off a wave and he skydives into the water. >> hard right, brody. he hit a hard right. i go sailing, slow-mo. and you hear the music. there's a girl right there i'm saving. and, boom, i'm going to grab
8:38 am
hair at the same time, and kiss mouth-to-mouth. >> reporter: saving lives until the seas are safe again. >> just got saved. >> i did that for the job. >> yeah. >> david hasselhoff will make a cameo in the movie. released this may. >> you have no shame. >> i wanted to experience. >> i'm sure you did. >> you just popped right up. >> can i tell you something, the way you lift a pin, a straw. he picked it me like it was just a pillow. i thought he was going to drop me because i was so light for him. he was like -- okay. >> that's a girl's dream right there. >> or tom brady. >> tom brady, yeah. up next, exploring the dos and don'ts of valentine's day etiquette. but first this, is "today" on nbc. you just gonna stand there gawking? yeah. intrigued. ♪
8:39 am
don't worry. they're for your ears. ha ha. rated r.
8:40 am
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8:41 am
if you want to avoid an awkward situation, listen up. >> that's right. >> mr. manners himself, thomas farley is here, to help you navigate the proper etiquette. >> good to see you, thomas. political season has been a little rough on relationships. if you're involved with someone new, how long do you wait before you ask that person their political leanings? and if it goes against yours, is it a deal-break center. >> for a lot of people it will be a deal-breaker. for that reason, you get it out of the way immediately. why waste time? why wait until the fifth date to realize this is someone you're going to be incompatible with. i would get it out there. get it over with. >> i'm looking at maria. >> don't look at me. do not look at me. look at your own ghost and gary right there. >> let's move on. >> okay. >> less uncomfortable. let's look at different personality times as it relates to relationship and romance. we're going to look at ooh guy
8:42 am
called ghosting gary. instead of having a frank conversation, he gijust disappears. >> ghosting gary needs to be courageous charlie. it's easy to ghost. if your at a party, ghost away. for a love affair, not a cocktail affair, you want to take the high road. put it out there. this is not working out for me. otherwise, you're going to leave the person waiting and wondering. >> if it's a couple of days, is it okay to ghost? so-to-say -- >> i wouldn't leave a person in a lurch. >> they're going to think -- it just wasn't a love match. >> that's right. they'll be second-guessing every move. >> might have been political. here's weepy wilma. i was assigned weepy wilma. she is someone who doesn't have a date for valentine's day. if you're her, which i'm not, how do you, like, not spoil everybody else's day? >> none of these are typecasting, by the way. let's put that out there right away. the key with weepy wilma is for
8:43 am
her to stay off facebook on valentine's day and the day after. this is going to be difficult for her to be watching all of her friends out there on their dates. so, stay away from social media, if she can. put together a galentine's day. >> i did that last year. >> you had a ganetine's day? >> my daughters did and i crashed it. >> a night on the town for all of the girls. they can have fun and a blast. >> all right. i'm lavish lana. i'm the one, i've been out on a couple of dates. and i buy really expensive gifts for my guy. i go way, way, way over the top. what's the etiquette for someone like her? >> what's her problem? >> this is -- >> are you her? >> i might be in some instances. i might be. i might go over. >> you are setting the expectation so high for that other person, first of all, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. you will likely not get a gift as expensive as what you're
8:44 am
giving. for the person accepting it, they're setting a standard that should not be set. the person receiving a gift should put it out here, this is generous, lana, but i can't accept it. >> you don't accept it. >> you need to be good about it because accepting is going to set that bar at a place you can't follow up with it. >> all right. >> that leads us to flattered franco. he's got a good friend, a woman. she is crazy about him. she just lavishes him with praise and compliments because she's in a relationship. he now has to make a decision to tell her not tell her he's not. how do you deal with that? >> he's putting it out there, right away. he's flattered. he's grateful. however, the interest is not mutual. he has to be careful over what he does over days and weeks so that he doesn't give her the wrong idea. >> no mixed signals. it may be unnecessary for them to take a friendship break until she finds someone else. >> he should ghost her in that
8:45 am
situation. >> we all kind of like the ghosting thing. >> we're into that. >> we're not experts apparently. thomas, good to have you. >> thank you. and now that you've got the etiquette down, what are you going to do for the big day? just ahead, eric helps you cook up a night to rebel. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
hi. this is governor tom wolf. thousands of families across pennsylvania have been affected by the opioid epidemic.
8:47 am
together, we can fight this disease. if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available. visit for resources and information on substance abuse. for treatment options, call 1-800-662-help. paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. you by yoplait greek 100 protein. >> we're back, now, with "today food." and this morning, a recipe for valentine's day romance. eric ripert is one of the great chefs around. good to see you. good morning. >> good to see you, matt. >> when you have a date for valentine's day and you want to cook something special, you want it to feel special but you don't want it to be complicated that you can mess it up.
8:48 am
>> something beautiful, inspiring, delicious, easy. >> what are we making today? >> swordfish. >> let's talk about ingredients. >> green peppercorn to make the sauce. brand bran brandy, swordfish. >> can you do it with another kind of fish? >> yes. this is hot. you can do it with tuna. do it with meat, if you don't like fish. but of course, because we like to cook fish. salt and pepper on the side. >> a simple seasoning. >> very simple. and not too much pepper because we are using the green peppercorn that are very spicey. nice to have a nice caram caramelizati caramelization. nice color. and it's going to cook on two minutes each side. what you're going to end up with -- >> i'm going to turn this down so we don't smoke us out. >> don't have a fire? >> right. >> it becomes like that.
8:49 am
>> and that keeps the flavor of the fish inside. and we're going to add a sauce to that later. >> we're going to make the sauce. i remove the fish. and you see it has a little bit of color. we remove the extra oil that we have. we don't want that. i'm going to put some green peppercorn, like that. >> all right. >> a bit of butter. just a little bit. and we are going to caramelize the peppercorn. then, the fun begins. we put some brandy and we're going to flambe. you're right. >> get away from that. >> get away. two hands, i learned. and like -- okay. >> is that just more for anything than show? that burns off the alcohol, right? >> it takes the bitterness of the alcohol. and a bit of heavy cream like that. and we bring it to boil. right? like that is going to take some
8:50 am
consistency. a bit of salt, maybe, while i slice the fish, like that. some slicing the official. >> are you trying this? >> it's so good. >> we like hearing eric talk. >> he can say peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it would sound great. >> i'm glad you are understanding. the sauce is going to reduce a little more. i have some here already. just have to put it on the fish like that, right? >> this looks beautiful. and it is delicious. and you have a bit of spiciness. >> i'm going to carry that around with me. >> sure. >> and we're going to try the side dish. this looks like it takes a little more expertise. show me how you do this. >> sure. you use a mandolin, like that. then, you do layers of zucchini. >> what's below there? >> caramelized onions, zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomato. you cover it. when it's cooked, first of all, we're going to put some thyme. a bit of thyme.
8:51 am
olive oil. and it goes to the oven for 45 minutes. and it becomes like that. >> can you imagine you make that for someone on valentine's day? >> my gosh. >> you are set. eric ripert, thank you. what a great job. >> appreciate it. always. if you want these recipes, you can head to and still ahead, country music star keith urban is co-hosting our next hour. first, this is "today" on nbc. eric, this is unbelievable. , thank you
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ it is a full house here. look at that. i got kissed by keith urban and harry connick jr. this morning. >> i like this. >> that was before we got here. >> oh. >> okay. wait a minute. >> keith is hosting the next hour on the show. all right. harry is here to talk about something very cool coming up on his syndicated daytime show. it's called "harry." what's going on? >> everything good. first of all, how is everybody? it looks like we're waiting for a bus. i'm excited about my show. i'm about to give away a bunch of tickets to hang out in mardi gras with me and watch my parade. it's going to be fun. we're doing a show with no cameras. first time it's been done when
8:54 am
it's all smartphones. >> what? >> it was wild. you see how these cameras are pretty far away. the smartphones -- everybody is close. >> pretty cool. >> you have a smartphone. >> i had one. and everybody, there were a bunch of them. yeah. >> al, you're pretty good. >> the whole show, you're holding that? >> i don't hold it. but the camera operators have one. it was neat. it's cool. i think we might be on to something. it opened up a lot of room in the studio. it was fun. >> yeah. >> guys love that. >> we need to -- >> i'm about to say. >> other than that, is standing, waiting to come on. i'm looking at you. look at keith. keith is about as cool as you can get, waiting to come on. >> please. >> coming up next, keith urban. you're like -- there's nothing for you to do. >> we go back unsec. how do people find out how to go
8:55 am
to mardi gras with you? >> you can go to my facebook page. and you have to watch every day this week. it's really important to watch the show. there's going to be clues on how to come down to mardi gras. >> you have to watch. >> every day, you have to watch. it will be neat. v.i.p. access. >> orpheus is the best. >> have you gone to mardi gras? >> i haven't. but i want to go with harry. >> the invitation is open to everybody on this couch at any time. it's really fun. >> this guy, he does new orleans right. i went into a restaurant one night in new orleans out of the blue. and in the back room, the entire connick clan was around a table. there were like 20 of you in there. you had taken the place over. >> let's be careful with the word clan. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> wow. >> how about family, matt? >> much better. >> these guys keep you on your toes in the morning. >> they're the best. >> what's going on with harry? >> what do you have coming up,
8:56 am
keith? >> well, we just finished touring in december. working on another record soon. but we got grammys coming up this weekend. a lot of good stuff happening. >> and you're filling in for the next hour. >> can't wait to see that. >> harry, you're a handful, man. you can catch his show weekdays. check your local listing. >> maybe get to go to his hood. >> yeah. good morning. just before 9:00, i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? >> tracy, we've got rain that's moving into the area. if you're heading out the door, it's already the falling in reading and allentown after a few showers first thing this morning. that is steady, light rain. but there are some steadier downpours around harrisburg. the rain will be here to start, it just won't be here all day.
8:57 am
what we don't see is any cold air. 36 and climbing in the lehigh valley. 43 in new jersey and 49 in philadelphia. we will warm into the 50s and 60s this afternoon. now let's get a check of the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you seeing, jessica? >> we're watching 95, tracy. this is the ramp from route 420 headed to 95 northbound. an overturned truck. blocking off this portion of the ramp. reports of the southbound ramp also being blocked. from 420 to 95, not good now. but 95 is still open. 95 in both directions, just a little slow because of that. also watching center city, a crash on 15th street around market street, that's involving a bus and a truck. tracy, back to you. >> breaking from overnight, we're following three different fires in kensington, within a mile of one another. the first fire that burned three row homes on jasper street. that was around 1:00 this morning. all the people inside got out safely. the two dogs were killed. less than a mile away from that, another in the rear of a house on joy street in ft. richmond.
8:58 am
the people living inside got out okay. and crews were called to a third fire in the same area, around the same time an empty car burst into flames at frankfort and elkhart street in kensington. investigators aren't yet saying if the three fires are connected. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. the "today" show continues in just a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," grammy-winning superstar, keith urban, hear his country confessions. and think outside of the chocolate box, with the valentine's gift guide. and we're going to have fun with the biggest names in music, as we count down the grammys, coming up right now. from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to tuesday morning, february 7th, 2017. our guest co-host for day two of country music week, so excited, grammy winning music star, keith urban. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. >> wow. this kind of tops off an amazing
9:01 am
year for you. >> so does this. >> you like that? >> this potent brew of yours. >> the cold brew. >> a name for it? >> al's cold brew. >> everyone loves it. that's the thing. >> kind of like, make everybody feel welcome. >> i do feel welcome. >> congratulations on your album "rip cord." number one on the country charts. your fifth number one album. and nominated for a grammy for best country album. i listen to some of your stuff. your stuff can be country, classified blues, a little soul. you have a really great sound. >> it's a melting pot, definitely. and it's in its evolved over the years, of course. and this record is a testament to that. >> i was listening to it as i was getting dressed for the show. you're nominated for two other grammys. the song is called "blue ain't your color." i feel bad that i'm wearing blue. >> that's your song. >> i'll take it. it was a great song. and best country solo performance and best country
9:02 am
song. and you wanted to perform that one, right? that was a -- >> yeah. the song has really connected with a lot of people. you're going to be performing at the grammys this sunday. >> looking forward to that. >> are you looking forward to a video? >> we shot a video. and that's on the set of the video. that's coming out soon. the second video we did. >> that's right. >> technically. >> there was a really -- it's hard to top this one. >> we had some other girl before carrie. >> some other girl? >> yeah. that was the audition reel, when we were trying out -- >> she should be an actress. i feel like she does it so well. >> she does it right. i'm going to find who that is and suggest it to her. >> if you could get her to come out of her shell. >> yes. >> she might have something. >> look at her. >> in your car?
9:03 am
>> don't you like the fact that the car isn't even moving? isn't car karaoke supposed to be mobile. >> yeah. but you don't want to take channelses. >> apparently, we didn't. >> watching episode of "grease." you make me feel bad about my relationship. we need to turn up the volume. that's one of the things -- >> is that metaphoric? or literal? >> maybe always. >> this is the second day. what is going on? do you guys -- does your husband know you're doing therapy here? >> it was a compliment, keith. >> i'll take it. >> you have to be cool parents. my folks, please, in a car going selfies. would you stop? i quit. just kidding. >> don't say that. >> can we play a game? it's called country confessions. we're going to get nosey. bring in the boot. >> there's a snake in my boot. >> it's a fancy boot.
9:04 am
you're going to take out a card and answer a question. a bunch of questions. >> we have questions in there. >> it's a clean boot. >> are you smelling the boot? >> we're all quiet. >> better accent, australian or southern? >> can you do a southern accent? >> yeah. but not well. i lived in nashville 24 years. i always say australia is southern. you don't get more southern than us. >> if you say we have a country superstar today. >> we have a country superstar here today. >> that was great. wasn't that great? that was great. >> you want to do another one? >> another one? >> we're extra nosey, keith. here we go. >> it's the same one. >> they're all the same. >> are they really? >> they're not. they're not.
9:05 am
>> what's the craziest thing an audience member has done at one of your concerts? okay. i was at a concert one time. >> i was about to say -- that has to go back in there. >> someone from in the audience yelled out, will you sign my leg? i thought this is great. this girl. this is many, many years ago. i said, yeah. this will be great. couple up on stage. and she disappeared. next minute she lobbed this prosthetic leg. what's the proper prosthetic leg returning etiquette? do you throw it back? do you have her come up and get it? >> here's your leg. >> if she doesn't get it, she doesn't have a leg to stand on? >> that's it? >> you need more of this, al. one more. >> this is good. >> i didn't realize this was going to be it. >> oh, yeah. here we go. >> who is your most embarrassing
9:06 am
celebrity encounter? i've had a few of those. >> give us a couple. >> the first time i met paul mccartney. he was backstage at the grammys. nic and him were talking. this is my husband, keith. nice to meet you. he was talking about going to lake tahoe. i had been up a few different times. and he said, we're going up in the summertime. i said, the summer is fantastic, totally different from the winter. and he said, is it really? totally fantastic. >> i can relate to that. >> i had a chris farley moment for sure. >> that's a good one. >> that's good. that's good. obviously, we're celebrating country music week all week long. reba here yesterday. later this week, jennifer nettles, and trace atkins. and for our freebie friday, this is unbelievable. each of you guys have been nice to agree to sign the same
9:07 am
guitar. you're going to sign six of them. we'll give three out to fans on the plaza and three to viewers at home. >> you got reba here. >> that's fantastic. >> what a great thing to have. are you kidding me? this is a big deal. >> yeah. giving out six, three people at home and three people on the plaza. thank you, keith. >> my pleasure. >> how fantastic is that? >> okay. >> have you heard about this? >> i love this. >> this florida shark is going viral for an expression. >> al was telling me about it. >> his name is bruce. >> that's right. that's from "dory." >> snooty the lemon shark. he's a bit of a celebrity with divers. he's got a wide grin and resemblance to bruce. >> bruce looks more menacing, which is crazy. bruce wears lipstick apparently, which is unusual. >> and eye liner. >> yeah. >> sharks -- it's a misset jaw that gives him the smile.
9:08 am
and apparently, gentle and friendly. i'm not testing that out. >> that's relative, isn't it? >> says who? >> if it only eats you in two bites that's gentle and friendly. >> that's cool. so kind. coming up next, we get the must-see video of the morning. it will make you feel so good when you see why this boy is when you see why this boy is ♪elebrating right after these ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella- spread the happy! does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup
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9:11 am
we're back with "today's take." our guest co-host, keith urban. and this next video is just -- i melt when i see it. we want to share it with you. it's a moment when 6-year-old jimmy spagnuolo learns he had
9:12 am
his last chemo treatment for while. for the first time, he can take a break in his cancer treatments. take a look when he rings a bell inside the hospital marking this major milestone. [ bell ringing ] [ cheers ] >> that is really special. >> that's pure joy. i was about to say, when kids get excited, they just wiggle. you wiggle, you hop. and you can just imagine for that little kid, he's a fighter. ring that bell, buddy. >> how great they put that bell there. >> it is. children's hospital in pittsburgh. and you just performed for patients at a kid's hospital. >> i was. musicians on call, who do great work, having musicians play for the kids. we're right there. and it's extraordinary. i got to do that last week. but i also have been involved for a long time with st. jude,
9:13 am
as well. and doing like live conferences, with parents and kids. once a month, i did it every month last year. and it's extraordinary. not only, you know, what the kids go through, but what the parents have to go through, as well, is extraordinary. >> i like it because you get to come in. music is healing. i firmly believe that. hearing you play and sing. fantastic. >> to bring that energy and that environment and try and, you know, lighten as best you can. so important. >> the music can lift you up. speaking of the power of music and being able to lift you up, spotify and accuweather has climate tune. it has the right play list base tonight weather. sunny days call for happier music while rainy days bring out lower energy, sad music. i thought it would be the opposite. >> yeah. >> on a rainy day, you want some uplifting music. >> i think sometimes on a rainy day, people say i'm going to
9:14 am
chill out a little bit. you play chillout music, i guess. >> what would be your rainy song? >> i like it coming, by the weekend. there's a tinge of melancholy in it. that seems to fit the day. >> we all chose like mellow songs. right? >> well, how about you? >> i chose "wasted" by carrie underwood. in full disclosure, on a rainy day, i'll put carrie underwood on my spotify and it rolls through. >> that's a good one. >> i went with "september" with earth, wind and fire. >> that's true. you want something to get you -- >> i want to get up and move around a little bit. >> we played this song on my wedding day, when the bridesmaids came in. it was a party. it was september. >> the typical thing -- do you remember -- september. no one knows the words to that
9:15 am
song. >> we do have that -- ♪ >> that's the part when you go -- >> yeah. ♪ september ♪ >> hey. >> it says that if you karaoke in it. if it has that gibberish. >> as an artist, that doesn't bother you, right? let's see what's going on as far as weather is concerned. we're looking at strong storms come into the west coast, with snow back through the pacific northwest. a big storm system causing a severe weather through the lower mississippi river valley where we have severe thunderstorm watches and possible tornado watches. it will be pretty warm, down through the east coast, with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees
9:16 am
above average. we have the severe storms through the lower mississippi valley. and look for some icy conditions up in northern new england and parts of upstate n york. ewth good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking more rain showers. the first few came in first thing this morning. steadier rain, later this morning and this afternoon. but, it's going to stay mild. and with rain tapering off this afternoon, we're in for 60s for philadelphia and upper 50s in the suburbs. cloudy skies this morning with a few showers for new jersey. 60 this afternoon. you could see some breaks of sunshine, especially at the shore later today. a high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon for the lehigh valley, up to 64 in delaware. have a great day. >> i almost got keith urban to do a spit take. that's fantastic. before you put the breakfast plates in your dishwasher, you want to see this. we're going to guarantee, you've been loading your machine all
9:17 am
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9:21 am
it's done, the dishes aren't as clean as you like? could be you're loading the plates and dishes all wrong. to come clean on what your should and shouldn't be doing, is stephanie cisco, the home editor of "real simple." >> good morning. >> you're going to solve this dilemma. >> it causes some fights in households. i want to show you the right way. >> starting off with the dishes themselves. should you rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? i say yes. >> me, too. and so, the reason is, you know, you want to rinse them because you might not run the dishwasher right away. if you leave the stuff on there, the food can harden and make it harder for the machine to rinse it off. do yourself a favor and rinse them and do the machine a little favor, too. >> once we start, how do we load the dishwasher. do we start with plates, bowls, glasses? >> let's start with glasswear. i'm going to ask you to load the
9:22 am
dishwasher how you think the glasswear should go. >> okay. >> all right. so, al, what i would suggest in the future is, instead of putting the glasswear over the tines like you did, you want to put it between the tines. it will prevent any tine marks from landing on the glasswear. >> let's go with -- >> how about bowl ps. >> yes. that's another one. >> how would you lose your bowls in the dishwasher? >> all right. looking good, al. >> like that. >> that's awesome. there's a water mechanism that's in the center of every dishwasher. you want to angle the bowls towards the center mechanism, so the bowls in the front face the back. and the bowls in the back face the front. >> plates. >> how do you do your plates there, sir? >> let's see. down, boy.
9:23 am
i like to leave a space between. >> interesting. i like that. all of the water can get all of the gunk that might be on the stuff. >> right. >> if you have a full machine, however, you want to load this side, the left side facing the right. and the left side plates facing the left. the same idea that you want it to focus on the center point. >> your flatwear. should it go up, the used part go up or down? >> what do you think with the butter knives? how would you load them? >> i would go down. >> all right. better safe than sorry when it comes to knives of any kind. so, load those bladeside down. but how about spoons? this is where we get tricky. >> i'm going to go down again. >> all right. interesting. but the rule for real simple is, want to prevent the spoons from spooning. you want to alternate how they go in the basket so none of the food gets stuck between the spoons. >> and forks?
9:24 am
>> same idea. alternate. >> what about cleaning your dishwasher? nobody thinks about it. >> exactly. people don't think about it. you're running all of the soap and water through the machine, it must be clean. however, when you're loading the dishwasher, you're dripping a lot of dirty particles on this portion. >> right. >> you just take some vinegar on a cloth or swab and wipe it. you should be able to get the dirt, grime and gunk there. >> what happens to the food? sometimes your dishwasher sinks to high heaven. >> there's a filter that catches that. sometimes you need to remove it. but you can do there's certain washes you can do for the inside of your dishwasher. >> stephanie, thank you for settling these arguments. america thanks you. coming up, we have the grammys. what better way to get ready for them, than with a four-time them, than with a four-time grammy-winner.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. just about 9:30. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to first alert meteorologist, bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. bill? >> clouds are here and the vain moving in. here's a cloudy view from center city. those clouds have just started producing rain. it's right on the leading edge in philadelphia. steadier rain into chester county and berks county. this is where we saw some showers first thick this morning. this rain is going to break at times. it's not going to be an all-day rain. and this afternoon, the rain is out of here and the temperatures are up into the 60s for f. at the shore. 60 and inland. 60 as well, and even a bit warmer in delaware, up the to 64. on the roads, we continue to watch an overturned truck. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching that. remind us where this is, jess?
9:27 am
>> we're watching it on 95, on the ramp from 420. on the northbound side of 95. all the lanes of 95 are still open, that's the good thing, but the ramps are closed right now. we haven't progressed much with this truck. the truck is still overturned. the ramps are closed from 95 northbound to 420. and watching an overturned u.p.s. truck on route 30 around route 202. tracy, back to you. >> only about two-thirds of septa's market frankford line cars are on the track. septa leaders showed us pictures of the cracks that were discovered in the bolster beam of two subway cars. later inspections found cracks in 50 others. the line is operating with 100 of the normal 144 cars. shuttle buss are available to help ease the delays. new this morning, a lehigh valley valley school district is reportedly warning parents about a confirmed case of whooping cough. a student at the nazareth area intermediate school came down
9:28 am
with a highly tanlcontagious bacterial infection. the district urge s parents to get their kids vaccinated. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to worry about student loan debt. i graduated into it. so i couldn't do the things i love, like traveling. but i knew there had to be a way to manage it. citizens bank education refinance loan. call...
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an education refinance loan helped me save on payments each month. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. call... to refi now.
9:30 am
grammy awards are this sunday. it happens we got a four-time grammy winner with us, who is nominated this year. we thought it would be fun to play a game of grammy trivia. sheinelle versus keith. >> going down. >> i might break a string if i do that. >> wow. this is going to be competitive. >> it's heated up already. >> let's get started. here we go. can you sing the next line in this song, nominated for record -- >> on this? >> record and song of the year. ♪ there's such a difference between us ♪ ♪ and immediate miles
9:31 am
>> hello. >> from the outside. >> it's hello from the other side. it's like "september." >> it is like "september." i know even less of this one. >> can you strum in? which of these artists is not nominated for best new artist. zayn malik. chance the rapper. kelsey ballerina. or the chain smokers? >> i'm going to guess it's "b." >> you're correct. you get the point. zayn malik. okay. i'm going to name tracks on one of the albums nominated for best album. the first one that can strum in, identify the artist behind the album, gets the point. "mark my words. "i'll show you." "what to you mean." "sorry." "company." >> it's a country artist?
9:32 am
>> it's not. >> behind the album? >> who is the artist? >> it's got to be bieber doesn't it? >> yes. bieber. >> that's true. >> wow. did anybody else hear crickets? >> you're good. ♪ what do you mean okay. i was like, okay. don't sing it, sheinelle. >> name the artist nominated for nine grammys. >> that's the clue? >> that's the clue. >> beyonce. i know her anyway. >> all right. >> you can tell by the feet. >> i want to touch her feet. >> so far, sheinelle is in the lead. name the danish rock band that is nominated for record and song of the year. ♪ i had that dream like my daddy before me ♪ >> hello. >> that's adele. >> i know this so well. >> we both know it. >> but i should know his name. that's criminal i don't know. >> it's lucas graham. >> thank you. insane. >> this is an instagrammy
9:33 am
question. name the artist nominated for best album featured in the following instagram photo. >> that's drake. >> i didn't need to strum this thing. >> here's the tiebreaker. >> oh, goodness. >> name this twice-nominated grammy ditty. ♪ i'm telling you >> oh. >> you. >> i didn't hear enough of it. >> what's the name? >> "blue is my color." >> "blue ain't my color." >> there you go. sheinelle wins. jerry, bring in her prize, please. >> oh. >> golden microphone. >> i can use this in the shower. >> that was hotly contested. >> cheers. coming up -- >> they don't do that on game shows. >> no time to get to the store? no worries. we have one-stop shopping here. the ultimate valentine's gift
9:34 am
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activia. it starts inside. ♪ okay. so, you don't see what happens in the commercials. sheinelle was holding a mic that she got as an award. it's a trophy. as keith is playing, she's holding the mic like the mic can pick it up. >> i love these things. >> since i was a little kid. you get a brush or a pen.
9:38 am
i can't help it. >> can you feel the love? with valentine's day a week away -- not really. there's time to get something special for your sweetie and you don't have to leave the house. we rounded up the best valentine's day gift ideas for kids, married couples and everybody between. >> here to show us the perfect presents the amy goodman, senior lifestyle editor at >> nice to see you. >> we're going to start out with great -- you have young daughters. they're going to love this. >> they're watching right now. >> that's perfect. we have great ideas for them. starting with a shirt. it's like a chalkboard. we have adorable dylan and aubrey crafting them up. they can draw on them. they're reusable. you can throw them in the washer and they're again and again. they're wearing shirts. the special pricing for today's viewers. it's 25 bucks to start.
9:39 am
really and different colors to choose from. your girls around -- >> 6 and 8. >> they're going to love the next item. >> i like those. >> that's awesome. they're going to love these, too. they're stickers and also iron-ons. you can add to backpacks and shirts. perfect for selfies and group shots. it's all about the photograph. and i like these blingy pins and monograms that can max out the monograms. >> bling it up a little bit. always good. >> add some spice to that. next up, items from papyrus. you can do the arts and crafts again. this is love in a jar. like a beading set. this is great to give for kids on the go. and i love to give a gift that has a shelf life. so many gifts that you give to kids, it doesn't really stick around that long. >> that's right. >> this is an in my heart book from papyrus. and isn't this beautiful? the illustrations are gorgeous.
9:40 am
it's the heart that keeps on giving. all about heart and the emotions and filled with love. keep reading it from valentines to come. >> these are great gifts. >> and don't forget getting to your little ones for the treats. >> get to the candies, right? >> and the sweets. these are wonderful. they're from mouth. and they are just fantastic. they start at $40. they come with a bag and the wrapping. they're so fantastic. >> keep talking. tell me more. >> those are chocolate-covered animal crackers. >> this table, for people that are dating or newlyweds. that's a tricky part. if you're dating. >> and chocolates are okay if you give them with a twist. these are from sherry berries. they're chocolate-covered cherries. you have to see if you can do the thing with the stem. >> we have to see that. >> or al can do it. >> yeah, right. >> sure. mr. urban, you have to give that
9:41 am
a shot. these are -- >> tie it into a knot. >> money on honey chocolates. they're sweetened from honey bees. and a portion of the proceeds goes back to helping honey bee colonies. >> do you get jewelry for newlyweds? >> as long as it doesn't come in a small box. >> when i was dating my husband, he got me a tiffany box. and then, i opened it up and it was a bracelet. >> for dating people -- >> put a ring on it. >> bangles. you can give one. you can give it within your budget. add on as your relationship grows from alex and annie. modify watches. you can pop in your own photo. and it is a personalized photo. we have three types you can choose from. they can make 500, though. you order that right away if you're interested. this is from frame bridge. this is a photo you can get off of your instagram, your social media.
9:42 am
and they can send you this photo, 11 by 11 and comes framed for $39. >> you can't beat that. >> this is for 20-years plus. this is personalized from your handwriting. you send in your message and she crafts this for you. she can make 100 of these. order this now. >> roses that last a year? >> this is from venus at fleur. roses that are treated to last a year. and the fragrance is there. starts at $39. ice cream, my gosh. can you believe this? you can craft your own ice cream, the two of you. and it develops within minutes. this is from cheffen. steak knives. >> if you're not getting along, i don't know if you want to give these. just a thought. and sinking your pajamas. >> the only time they can do matching pajamas.
9:43 am
portions go to and don't forget the masks. i wanted to see al roker to wear the mask. it says ready when you are. >> okay. >> perfect. all right. time to do the weather. tell you what's going on. okay. we're looking at some strong storms making their way down through parts of the southeast. we've got severe weather, and could have tornadoes -- we have tornado watches through the south. icy conditions through the northeast. dense fog in the midsection of the country. look for rain in the pacific northwest and central california. and out west, the rain continues tomorrow. and we have a little more of a mess making its way into the upper midwest. t'at's whas going on around good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking more rain showers. the first few came in first thing this morning. steadier rain later this morning and this afternoon. but, it's going to stay mild. and with rain tapering off this afternoon, we're in for 60s for philadelphia and upper 50s in the suburbs. cloudy skies this morning, with
9:44 am
a few showers for new jersey. 60 this afternoon. you could see some breaks of sunshine, especially at the shore later today. a high of 50 degrees with rain showers tapering off this afternoon for the lehigh valley. up to 64 in delaware. have a great day. >> keith, what did you say? >> fifty shades of weather is what you were doing, al. >> keith urban, ladies and gentlemen. keith urban. >> i'll be here. >> he has a surprise for us coming up. don't go away. don't go away. you do not want toi was in shocy dentist was explaining to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel.
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9:48 am
we have been having a great time with our guest co-host, country music star keith urban. >> it's a busy week for keith as he gears up for the grammys on sunday. he is up for three awards, including best country album for his chart-topping release, "rip cord." >> first of all, any hints about what you and carrie are going to do? >> we're going to do a new single coming out called "the fighter." >> i heard a piece of it. >> we have a video coming out soon. >> and this song, "blue ain't your color," up for best country song. what's the genesis of this? >> this is a song written by great writers down in nashville. just fell in love with it immediately. i write a lot. but every now and then, i hear a song -- >> can you play it? >> yeah.
9:49 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, keith urban. >> i happen to have this guitar handy. what are the odds? >> unbelievable. ♪ i can see you over there staring at your drink ♪ ♪ watching that on alone tonight and chances are ♪ ♪ you're sitting here in this bar ♪ ♪ because he ain't going to treat you right ♪ ♪ it's probably not my place but i'm not going to say it anyway ♪ ♪ because you look like you haven't have a little fun haven't had a smile ♪ ♪ in a little while baby ♪ ♪ blue looks good on that t sky ♪ ♪ looks good on that neon buzzening on the wall ♪ ♪ but it doesn't match your
9:50 am
eyes ♪ ♪ and i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ he's so black and white stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby blue ain't your color ♪ i'm not trying to be another just pick you up kind of guy ♪ ♪ trying to drink yao up and trying to take you home ♪ ♪ but i just don't understand how another man can take your sun and turn it ice cold ♪ ♪ well i've had enough to drink and it's making me think to tell you if i were a painter ♪ ♪ i wouldn't change it i would just paint you bright ♪ ♪ 'cause blue looks good on the
9:51 am
sky ♪ ♪ looks good on that neon buzzing on the wall ♪ ♪ but, darling, it don't match your eyes ♪ ♪ i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ it's so black and white he's stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby, blue ain't your color ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, baby blue looks good on the sky ♪ ♪ looks good on that neon buzzing on the wall ♪ ♪ but, darling, it don't watch
9:52 am
your eyes ♪ ♪ i'm telling you you don't need that guy ♪ ♪ it's so black and white stealing your thunder ♪ ♪ baby blue ain't your color blue ain't your color ♪ >> wow. and that's how you do it. keith urban. thank you so much. >> my pleasure, al. >> oh, my god. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> that's why i love th. >> she sisai
9:53 am
9:54 am
come on. >> we have had the most amazing show. >> awesome. >> it's a fun day. it ended too soon.
9:55 am
>> you can stay here for the next hour. >> see what you got yourself into? >> we have eugene levy and his son, dan. he can sing with michael bolton. >> i've played with him for sure. i would love to. >> okay. so, he's going to stay with us. and all that after your local news, i guess. >> run away. >> get out while you can. >> he promised he would stay. where did keith go? weird. >> he was just here. >> local n
9:56 am
9:56. good tuesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to first alert meteorologist, bill henley, with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. umbrella required today, bill. >> yeah, it's coming down now. this is a live view of the rain moving through the city. this is not the worth of it. the heaviest rain is falling into some of the suburbs into berks county and the lehigh valley. but temperatures are above freezing, 35 degrees in the lehigh valley, 39 in the suburbs, and 40s or about to hit the 50s. look at the 50s in south jersey, where it's not raining. we're on track for temperatures
9:57 am
into the 60s this afternoon. tracy? >> now let's check the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. jessica? >> this situation on 95, tracy, looking a little bit worse right now. the ramp from 420 to 95, getting on and off from 420 to 95 is not going to happen right now. we're all blocked. wuf an overturned truck. you can see it right here. they're trying to get it back upright to get it out of the way. but for right now, it's impacting the northbound side with all of delays. it's headed northbound on 95. so moving towards the philadelphia international airport, have to catch a flight, really slow. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will deliver his annual budget address. wolf's office says the pro-spending plan will include $2 billion in cuts and savings, without major tax hikes or cuts to schools and social services. the governor would still need money to closed a $3 billion budget gap. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download.
9:58 am
the "today" show continues in just a few minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ how can we be lovers >> welcome to booze day tuesday. hoda's favorite day of the week. it's february 7th, and it's also affectionately known as spanky tuesday. >> i thought we canceled spanky tuesday. >> no, everybody loves it. >> who loves it? >> i do. okay. that is "how can we be lovers" by the legendary michael bolton. you know him. smooth voice. he is having such a resurgence of his popularity because he has real lea t


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